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Vengurla is a small village located at the Arabian Sea coast in Sindhudurg district, bordering Goa and Maharashtra state. Most of the rural area of ​​Vengurla is mainly covered with coconut, supari trees, cashews and mangoes. Vengurla has a stock of magnificent and ancient temples. There are many temples like Shri Vetoba Mandir of Aravali, Ganesh Mandir of Redi, Lakshmi Narayan Mandir of Walaval.

The high airy hills of Tulas, the high mountains of Mochemad and Dabholi, are adorned with the beautiful Arabian Sea to the west. The city of Vengurle was first built in 1965 by Dutch merchants and later by British rulers. Vengurla was formerly known as Vingoria. Currently, Vingoria i.e. Vengurla is famous all over the world for its clean and beautiful beachs.

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Vengurla is famous for its historic forts, ancient temples and serene beaches. Of these, Vengurla has a closer relationship with the sea. Vengurla Beach is divided into several small beaches. Beaches like Bhogwe Beach, Nivati ​​Beach, Khawane Beach, Shiroda Beach, Mochemad Beach, Waingani Beach, Ready Beach are famous in Vengurla. The light house in Vengurla is indescribable.

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