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About Meena Construcation

Meena Constructions is one of the famous and growing construction company in Konkan. We have serve our client with the best quality services and make their dream house as they want. Our logo defines with beautiful big Sun gives the shine to all over the world and lighted the word like we fulfil our customers wishes and lighted their dreams also the greenery defines the growth and success with the peace.

We believe in delivering best for our customers, having their own house is still every person’s biggest dream. So we are here to give our best for each and every person, respect each person’s individual choices, demands and different lifestyles, with the different traditions, we could understand each individual we respect every demand and make it happen.

Our Culture

The small place in Konkan region having blessed with a long stretch of coastal line. Every year thisbeach destination attracts more than 50,000 visitors.The tradition in Vegurla is blended with Goan and Maharashtrians culture. The different religions like Hindu, Christians and Muslims having diffetent culture as per their rituals.

Vengurla is influenced by its Malvani culture and Malvani traditions. The people of Vengurla celebrate all major festivals without imposing any religious barriers within society thereby adopting their old traditions and customs.

Malvani Sea Food is central to the vibrant culture of Vengurla. Malvani fish curry and rice are the main combos in their Meal. Pomfret, Prawns, crabs, and kingfish are the best delicacies in Vengurla.

Why Choosing Vengurla?

Vengurla is very beautiful tourist destination in Sindhudurg. The valuations of properties in Vengurla is increasing rapidly.

Upcomping Chipi airport is nearest one
The upcomind domestic airport is going to start in Chipi near to Vengurla just on 30 kms. The value of land will increase in next few years.
Beach destination in Konkan near to Goa.
To invest for property in Goa is not affordable for middle level of families. So most of the native choose option to invest for properties in Vengurla.
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